Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sports Highlight Videos

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new Sports Highlights website. They have some of the best highlight videos you will ever see. From Reggie Bush to Tiger Woods to David Beckham. These are mvp calibur highlights. So check it out. They add many new videos every day!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Roger Clemens returns

Roger Clemens has decided to return to the Houston Astros to try to bring them a World Series Championship. The Rocket decided to return last week for a reported $12+ million for half a seasons work.

In my opinion the $12 million is money well spent. Not only does it bring a strong arm to the rotation, but he puts butts in the seats and sell merchandise.

The Astros are one of only a handful of teams who have never won a World Series. The signing of Roger couldn't have come at a better time. The Astros are struggling below .500 right now. With Pujols on the DL, now is the time for the Astros to climb back up.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Slugfest in Houston

Roy Oswalt was able to earn his 3rd victory in his 4th start of the season. He even helped his cause by knocking in 2 rbi's on a single with 2 outs. With the win, the Astros remain on top of the National League Central.

Morgan Ensberg homered again (twice) for what seems like 4-5 games in a row. He's no David Shelton of Detroit, but he is a man on fire. Ensberg is trying to solidify himself as one of the game's premier 3rd basemen. If he keeps up his pace, he is likely to earn a second consecutive All-Star selection. Ensberg is batting .429 on the season with 6 homeruns and 13 rbis.

The Astros fought off the pesty Brewers last night in a game that surrendered 7 homeruns. With a final score of 13-12 and a total of 32 hits, the Stros managed to hold on a 9th inning Brewer rally to win their 10th game of the season. Preston Wilson dispappointed again last night. He started off so hot, and now has struck out like 8 times in 2 games.

It has been an unusual start for the Astros, who are notorious for their slow starts. The last two seasons they started out in last place and placed in a grave by mid May. It's a little uneasy this year as they've started off hot. Hopefully they won't cool down post all-star break.

Perhaps they're playing hot to prove to the Rocket they still can win. With Backe on the DL again, the Astros are in desperate need of Roger Clemens to step in and dominate. The earliest he can sign with the Astros is May 1st. I would look for them to begin negotiations in the beginning of May, and to have him in a uniform in June.

This is a team on a mission. They are destined to win a World Series. This could be the year.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sports Litter is back

After several months off, I feel like contributing to the world of sports once again. I've kept track of the daily stats for this site, and it seems like I have been entertaining nearly 10-15 people a day even when I don't post. I noticed my pagerank is 4. Pretty impressive. Last time I posted it was 0.

There's a lot that's happened since I last posted. The Steelers won the SuperBowl. The Rockets fell off the face of the earth, and now baseball season has started and my Astros are back in first place. No Clemens, no Bagwell... and yet here they are at the top of the division where everyone least expected them. We also have the NFL Draft coming up.

Well, the hard part will be getting the word out that I am back to post. I'll be stopping by my old friend's sites to see how they're doing. Armchair QB, My Opinion, Out of Bounds, Sportszilla, and many more. I guess my goal can be 100 readers by then end of the month. If I remember correclty I had nearly 100-150 consistent uniques a day before I left. Time to get back on the train.

Go Astros!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sorry Guys

Sorry guys, but I won't be posting here on sports litter anymore. I am working on a new project that will be many times better than I will have a new name and my own .com domain not on blogger anymore.

It's taking me more time then I though to make the transfer and build my new site. I will be emailing everyone as soon as the new site is up and ready.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvience.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Farewell ABC Monday Night Football

Last night was the last NFL Monday Night Football game to be played on ABC. The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets last night 31-21. The score doesn’t really reflect how the Jets played. They scored a defensive TD in the first half and then some late time garbage points at the end of the game. The first three scores of the game were all defensive TDs, including two Mike Vrabel scores. New England made a strong case last night to prove that they are the team to beat in the AFC, not the Colts.

Starting in the 2006 NFL season next year, Monday Night Football will be show on ABC’s sister, ESPN. Both ABC and ESPN are owned by Disney, so why this move was made I’m still not sure. Don’t worry, ESPN isn’t hogging all the games. Sunday Night Football will be moved to NBC, who hasn’t shown a NFL game in years. Why did the NFL make this move?

Monday Night Football has become a tradition to some families and must watch TV over recent years. Why would the NFL switch MNF to a cable channel that millions of viewers do not pay for? That’s suicide! Isn’t it?

Here’s where it gets tricky. MNF is not as popular as you think. Over the last few years or so, CBS has posted a killer Monday night lineup that brings in more viewers than Monday Night Football. Headlined by Everybody Loves Raymond and 2 and ½ Men. CBS was smart. They played shows that the women would want to see. Raymond and 2 ½ Men appeal to men as well, so when the woman wants to watch them, the husband isn’t likely to say much. Besides he can just Tivo the game, or catch the second half.

If you ask me the NFL is making a mistake. I don’t care how many wives make their husbands turn the tubes off for a half hour, you can’t put Monday Night Football on a cable channel. There are millions and millions of viewers and football fans who do not pay for cable. And now the NFL is taking the tradition away from them. Sure they get to watch NBC Sunday Night now, but it’s not the same. Sunday Night football isn’t a tradition.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Are the Colts Screwed?

The Indianapolis Colts (13-2) have now lost 2 games in a row. Granted they were playing most of their back-ups the entire game, but nonetheless, they still lost. No team wants to lose. Professional athletes are competitive and want to win every time they step on the field. Tack those 2 losses along with the loss of coach Tony Dungy’s son, and the Colts might be hurting come playoff time.

No team wants to head into the playoffs with 3 straight losses, but that might happen if the Colts lose to Arizona in week 17. They could lose all momentum they had. The Colts secured a first round playoff bye a few weeks ago. With the rest of the starts last week and this week plus a first round bye, the starters are looking at almost a month without having played more than 2 quarters of football. This is not good. Tony Dungy will need to focus on keeping them players conditioned and focuses during their hiatus.

I think a hot team like the Jaguars or Patriots will have a much better shot in the playoffs. There’s no doubt that the Colts were the best regular season team in the NFL (even though Seattle is ranked above them now thanks to Saturday’s win). But the best regular season team, does not necessarily make the Superbowl, let alone win it. It’s all about momentum and the Colts just don’t have it.

The Colts will be pumped, and they will be determined to win when they play their first playoff game in mid January, but will their bodies be able to handle it? The starters will have gone a month without taking a big hit. The will have gone a month without running all game. If the Colts have to face New England or Jacksonville in the playoffs, I think they will lose. Indy will not beat Jacksonville 3 times in one season, and we all know how well Indy does against New England in the playoffs.

Resting players to help recover from injury is one thing, but resting them simply because you don’t want to get them hurt is another. People get hurt in football. It’s part of the game. They could get hurt in practice just as easily as they could in a game. You shouldn’t be resting players 3 weeks before the season ends.